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Hitachi Biomtric Security Solutions
Finger Vein Verification / Identification
    Principle :

The basic principle on which the finger vein authentication system is based is shown on the right. Near-infrared rays generated from a bank of LEDs (light emitting diodes) permeate the finger and are absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood. The areas in which the rays are absorbed (i.e.veins) thus appear as dark areas in an image taken by a CCD camera located on the opposite side of the finger. Image processing can then construct a finger-vein pattern from the camera image. This pattern is then compressed and digitized so that is can be registed as a template of person's biometric aurthentication data.


    Network Door Access Control :

FingerVein Enrollment and Management Software provides administrative and security data viewing/export fungtions for a network of Finger Vein Viometric Door Access System 

    Management Systems :

    • MS-Access Database Host System
    • Ethernet Network Enabled
    • Centralized Enrollment Terminal (USB Type)
    • 16 Time Zones to Administer Terminal Access
    • 16 Time Zones to Administer User Access
    • Transaction Record Monitoring
    • Data Export (mdb, csv or txt format) to Time Attendance and Payroll Systems
    • Support MS Window XP/2000

    Comparisons of Biometric :

    Advantages :

The finger vein certification provides customers with a reliable user-friendly security system.
    • The advantages of finger vein technology are :
    • Hight Acceptability (suitability of all skin types, including dry skin)
    • Easy and Hygienic Attesting (minimum physical contact)
    • Security of Data (non-traceble and non-vestigial)
    • Tamper-Proof and Reliable
    • Precision of Cerification
    • Eliminate Transferability
    • Integration with Other Smart Card Systems

    Gates and Access Egress :

    Specifications :

Topic Specification

Number of User Templates

6000~8000 fingers/personal identification terminal (maximum 5 fingers/person)
Number of Transactions 16000 records (stored in each Finger Vein Attester Unit)
Attesting time Less than 2 secords
Sensor Infrared LED
Infrared highly sensitive CCD camera
Environment - Temperature / Humidity
                     - Installation site
                     - Waterproof
0~40 °C / 20%~80%RH
Water should not be spilled over the devices
Communications Interface TCP/IP (between Finger Vein Attester Unit and PC in a network configuration)
Wiegand 26 bits (in case of conecting Finger Vein attester with existing security system)
Power DC 12V 3A
Door Controls / Controller Outputs 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs (for door release, door sensor, alarm, video camera, smoke detector, etc)

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