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ZTECH is a digital video recording system for security and surveillance systems. Its network connectivity provides real-time monitoring access via the Internet, intranet, or LAN. A stand-alone system is also available for small office or home use. Digital video image is compressed and recorded in MPEG4 format into its expandable and removable internal hard disk. Optional RAID-5 disk array enhances its performance and data availability. User-friendly graphic interface make it easy to playback or search the recorded video image.

    Key features :

  • Video compression support: MPEG4, H.263, and Motion JPEG.
  • Remote access via TCP/IP network using its viewer named ZTECH Viewer.
  • Playing live video of all attached cameras while recording.
  • Search the recorded video by time or by-frame.
  • Playback the recorded video with speed control.
  • The maximum number of concurrent connections is 5 connections.
  • PAL and NTSC camera support.
  • Remote configuration.
  • Pan/tilt camera control support.
  • Motion detection that supports user defined detection level and area in a picture.
  • Fault alarm: video signal lost.
  • Digital inputs for signaling from external sensors.
  • VGA output port for displaying live video on PC monitor.
  • User management; 2 security levels - administrator and normal user.
  • Language support: Thai, English, and Japanese.

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